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Meet Coach Vici

Here to help you reach your goals

AI Coaching brings you Coach Vici – a chatbot designed as a digital helping hand to aid your employees in reaching their goals. Coach Vici was created by a team of coaches and researchers who used proven coaching and goal attainment theories. Furthermore, the digital coach is available 24/7 to assist companies with democratising coaching and improving employee and organisational performance.

The chatbot bridges the gaps between human-to-human coaching sessions by providing users with seamless, ongoing, and measurably effective goal-setting check-ins through the intuitive user interface.

Coach Vici is the brainchild of coaching researcher Dr Nicky Terblanche. Dr Nicky is Head of Leadership Coaching at Stellenbosch University Business School and a leading researcher into the future of human-machine collaborative coaching. Coach Vici is backed by AI Coaching, a trusted brand that leverages research and high academic standards: never resting and always pursuing improvement and innovation.

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

CoachVici helps your organisation improve employee and organisational performance



By helping people set and achieve goals Vici can help improve your organisation’s performance.


Helps people reflect on organisational objectives.


Vici can talk to thousands of employees at the same time, significantly reducing coaching costs.
White Labelling

White Labelling

Vici can be customised with your organisation’s branding, logo and links to existing HR and support resources.


Supporting employees with a virtual Coach shows that you care about their wellbeing.

The Mission

Establish coaching for all humans to help reach goals.

Numerous academic meta-studies confirm: organisational coaching is effective in helping employees to be happier and more productive. Consequently coaching at scale is for the mutual benefit of the individual and the organisation.

Coach Vici is as effective as human coaches to help you reach your goals. Correspondingly it is used by organisations to help employees set and align their individual goals with the current organisational strategy, CoachVici will help employees stay on top of their game.

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The Expertise

Dr Nicky Terblanche (PhD, MPhil, MScEng)

Founded in 2019, Coach Vici is the brainchild of Dr Nicky Terblanche (PhD); Head of Leadership Coaching at Stellenbosch University Business School and leading researcher into the future of human / machine collaborative coaching.

Dr. Terblanche started his career in software engineering after completing his Masters’s in Engineering specialising in artificial intelligence. He later transitioned to the world of coaching completing a PhD in the field and has been running a private coaching practice since 2009.

Moreover, as a researcher rather than a natural entrepreneur, Nicky’s main goal is to give wide access to the positive impact that his work can have on people’s personal lives.

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Coach Vici is based on science

Dr. Terblanche is currently a world-leading authority in artificial intelligence coaching research and its clinical application. Chiefly his work is backed by Stellenbosch University and with access to a wealth of coaching research and data. Coach Vici is pioneering the exploration into the Future of Coaching.


Adoption factors and moderating effects of age and gender that influence the intention to use a non-directive reflective coaching chatbot.


Coach Vici was created using the Designing AI Coaching (DAIC) framework that was published in an international peer reviewed journal.


Vici was used in a technology adoptions study and recently a ground-breaking longitudinal randomized control trial study found Coach Vici to help people achieve their goals at double the rate than people who did not use Vici (this study is currently undergoing peer review).

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